Contact Us & Donate

Would you like to know more about Black Women Birthing Resistance?

Do you know a Black midwife in your community?

Are you fighting against legislative restrictions on midwifery and home birth in your state?

Contact us using the form below, or email us at:



**We are asking for this information as the project is specifically interested in networking with women of color and indigenous women, primarily living in the South.  Additionally, we are interested in connecting with Black lgbtq folks interested on birthing.  However, this project is for the benefit of all people and communities, and we invite all people to contact us, and read and share the blog. **

For Donations please send to:  Kindred c/o Project South, 9 Gammon Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315-2773

Make check payable to the Black Women’s Birthing Resistance Project.

Gratitude & Solidarity!


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