On being a doula, and a “radical”

I love this post from Mai’a on Outlaw Midwives, especially this piece: “i am realizing that n american midwifery is not going to change any time soon. i mean the term ‘radical’ attached to ‘doula’ or ‘midwife’ has so little meaning. ‘radical’ seems to mean, i support unassisted birthing and women’s choice. but there is no analysis attached to this word ‘radical’ — its a lifestyle choice. it isnt invested in dismantling the abusive structures that are at the root of the violence in n american birth culture. feel me? most of the birth workers that attach the word ‘radical’ to their title are really primarily dedicated to ‘choice’ to those women who have access to that ‘choice’. with a few crumbs doled out — like charity — to those most marginalized. that is just not good enough for me.”



~ by tmiddletonkindred on January 7, 2011.

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